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We put a great deal of thought and preparation into each of our lessons. We do not believe that learning music belongs in a “one size fits all” category. Therefore, we make it our mission to get to know our students, their musical interests and aspirations while discovering what keeps our students inspired and motivated. We understand what it takes to create the delicate balance needed to develop musicians that enjoy learning their instrument and ultimately “stick with it”.



We offer lessons in Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin/Viola, Cello, and Rock Band.
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Piano is often times the first learned instrument for many musicians. Whether you are an aspiring singer-songwriter/composer, want to develop the discipline to play classically or just wish to be able play your favorite song from the radio, it is one of the most important instruments to understand when it comes to learning the fundamentals of music. With being the most visual instrument, the piano enables students to develop a strong understanding of music theory and finger coordination to play all of the melodies, chords, and rhythms your heart desires.


Ukulele is a great way for students of all ages and music levels to take their first step in exploring music! Ukulele is gentle on the fingers and often one of the most friendly instruments to get started on. Our ukulele curriculum begins with learning commonly used chords so that our students can begin learning their favorite songs in their very first lesson. Additionally, students will learn multiple strum patterns, which helps with learning coordination and musical rhythms that can easily translate to learning guitar later on.


Being the most unique and delicate instrument, we take pride in the health and development of each and every student. As a vocal student, you can expect to learn proper breath support, placement, and how to create more power in your voice using safe techniques. Whether you are a beginner or looking to bring your vocal ability to a new level, our vocal coaches are skilled in many styles of music including classical, rock, jazz and contemporary. Ultimately, our goal for each voice student is to find their own unique voice. 


It's time to take that six-string out of the case and learn how to play! While there is a wealth of information and YouTube tutorials at your fingertips, there is no substitute for learning proper technique. Lessons are tailored to each student to encompass the music theory, ear training and practical application needed to excel in any style including classical, rock, country, and jazz. Learn improvisation soloing techniques through the study of scales and modes. With these strong fundamentals under your belt, you will become a versatile performer in no time.


It's all about the bass! Being the glue that holds a band together, the bass is one of the most underestimated instruments, yet one of the most rewarding to master. Using upright bass techniques, students can learn on acoustic or electric basses without being limited to one particular style or genre. Instructors focus attention on hand and finger muting techniques as well as slap and picking techniques for the electric bass. 


Learn the fundamentals and rudiments so you can be on your way to becoming the next John Bonham. Our curriculum encompasses lessons on important skills such as time keeping, syncopation and hand to stick techniques. A portion of lesson instruction is dedicated to understanding important theory concepts and drum notation. Harmony Studios offers lessons in all levels and styles.


The staples in any string ensemble, the violin and viola tend to be an ideal starting point for younger players looking to learn a stringed instrument. The close finger positioning and light weight of the instrument allows for an enjoyable learning experience for little fingers, while still instilling the foundation of important music principles. 


Often thought of as one of the most beautiful sounding instruments, cello has quite the appeal to the human ear. Cello lends itself well to a variety of different music styles, and has become an increasingly popular instrument in all genres of music. Whether you’re looking to perform for solo or ensemble purposes, learning how to produce good tone and proper bowing techniques will help to give you a sound you’re happy with.

Rock Band

Everyone remembers their first band, which is why Harmony Studies feels privileged to connect our students with their first band experience. We help to match students with other musicians who share musical compatibility and chemistry. Playing in a band provides an avenue for students to gain experience and ultimately become a well-rounded, better, musician. Under the direction of our band coaches, rock bands will receive guidance and instruction in fundamentals such as rhythm and groove playing, dynamics, and song structure while also receiving training on stage presence and microphone techniques to prepare for live performances.



We offer lessons in Beginning Ukulele Lessons, Beginning Group Guitar Class, Little Beats Music, Rock the Summer Music Camp, and Own the Mic Workshop.
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Beginning Ukulele Lessons

Our six week course is all it takes to get you strumming some tunes on this light hearted instrument. Each 45 minute class provides you with basics to learning the chord and strum patterns needed to play your favorites songs. Best of all, a quality soprano ukulele is included with your purchase of the class! 

Beginning Group Guitar Class

This six week class will get you filled in on all of the important skills needed to start playing. Whether this is something you're looking to do to relax, or you're hoping to be the next big songwriter in town, this class will take you there. Classes are 45 minutes and meet once a week. 

Little Beats Music

More than ever, studies show that introducing music to children early in life have an incredible impact and greatly help to develop important learning skills. This 45 minute class aims to foster creativity, movement and activity through the practice of music. This class is best for children ages 3-5. 

Rock the Summer Music Camp

Our two week summer camp is designed to give you the ultimate rockstar experience! Students study the instrument of their choosing, while also learning what it takes to play in a band. Students are exposed to a variety of different music topics such as music theory, songwriting, recording and more. Students perform in their very own concert at the end of the camp! Best for ages 9-18. All skill levels welcome.

Own the Mic Workshop

If you are a vocalist that is serious about taking your chops to the next level, you do not want to miss this workshop. Voice guru and music producer, Erwin Rocha unpacks everything you need to know in order to unleash your hidden vocal power using proven vocal techniques  including the natural voice method as well as the secrets to mastering notes you never thought you could sing. This workshop ends in our recording studio, where students get to learn what it takes to have proper mic techniques. Recommended for ages 14+.